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Taking advair for pneumonia

taking advair for pneumonia

ADVAIR DISKUS ® (fluticasone propionate 250 mcg and salmeterol 50 mcg inhalation powder).
Advair Diskus Brand Name Advair Diskus Common Name salmeterol - fluticasone In this drug factsheet: How does this medication work? What will it do for me?.
You are more likely to develop pneumonia if you: Smoke. Cigarette smoking is the strongest risk factor for developing pneumonia in healthy young people. Have another.

In contrast, the majority of the fluticasone propionate delivered to the lung is systemically foe. In such children or adults pneumonua have not had these diseases or been properly immunized, particular care should be taken to avoid exposure. Because of the possibility of significant systemic absorption of inhaled corticosteroids in sensitive patients, patients treated with Advair HFA should be observed carefully for any evidence of systemic corticosteroid effects. How does this medication work? If a patient is exposed to measles, prophylaxis with pooled intramuscular immunoglobulin IG may be indicated.

If you miss a dose of Advair HFA, just skip that dose. Salmeterol - fluticasone should only be used when a regular inhaled corticosteroid e. Fluticasone propionate did not induce gene mutation in prokaryotic or eukaryotic cells in vitro. Women should be advised to contact their physicians if they become pregnant while taking Advair HFA. It is not known if Advair HFA is safe and effective in people with COPD. Data from the McKenzie vasoconstrictor assay in man are consistent with these results.

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